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Breda Fenn

I have always been passionate about food and community. I studied culinary management to broaden my skills and knowledge in all things cuisine and hospitality and I relish an opportunity to create in the kitchen. I love to develop recipes with wholefoods that are approachable, authentic and packed with flavour. Bringing people together around the table is important to me and I believe food is the greatest and most accessible tool for generosity and hospitality.

satay sauce

Plus, amazing Indonesian satay chicken skewer recipe & video!

The Luvele Vibe Blender is for so much more than just making smoothies. It’s the perfect machine to support healthier cooking, enabling you to move away from convenience products and processed foods and supporting you in creating amazing dishes with whole foods.

Satay sauce has roots in many cuisines. It’s an incredibly versatile and popular condiment made from a few key ingredients. Nailing this recipe will have you throwing out the jar sauces and patting yourself on the back. It’s the perfect opportunity for passionate foodies to practise their flavour balancing skills as well.

satay sauce

Homemade satay sauce is so quick and easy to do. You can even make the peanut butter in the same machine! No nasties, full control and confident cooking. Get the recipe here or watch how easy peanut butter is to make here on our Youtube channel. 

This satay sauce has been designed to be used two ways. Out of one base mix, we can make two quite different sauces. We’ll use one half as a light and fresh salad dressing and with the other half we’ll cook it down and serve it with some barbecued Indonesian satay chicken skewers. Of course, you can adjust the base mix quantities to suit your needs.

satay saucesatay saucesatay sauce



Homemade Satay sauce recipe




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