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homemade garam masala

Ditch your spice grinder for the Vibe Blender!

Garam masala is a beloved, every day, Indian spice blend that elevates almost any dish. While you can easily buy garam masala in a store, it’s far more fragrant, flavourful, and rewarding to make your own. You’ll never taste anything as good as this homemade version. The complex, layered flavours in this blend are spicy tasty but not spicy hot so it’s one the whole family will enjoy.

The Vibe Blender and stainless-steel jug is the perfect tool for grinding whole spices to make authentic tasting blends. The jobs done in 30 seconds, possibly quicker than any spice grinder out there. This recipe gives you a small batch, but you can double the quantity if you’d like more.

In India, every household has a slightly different recipe. Some recipes can contain over 30 spices! Our garam masala recipe incorporates the spices you will find in many traditional blends. If you don’t have an ingredient, don’ worry. Add, increase, or decrease spices to make it your own.  

This garam masala recipe will rocket your cooking to the next level. Once you try this homemade garam masala, you’ll never want to use the bland tasting store-bought version again!

homemade garam masala

Not just for Indian food

One beautiful thing about homemade garam masala is how versatile it is. Adding even just a little bit will enhance the flavour and taste of many dishes. Get creative with meal prepping and try:

  • Dry rubbing it on meats and fish 
  • Flavour enhancer for soups or stock
  • Olive oil to make a paste for a meat marinate
  • Breadcrumb seasoning blends
  • Sprinkle it on roast vegetables or baked potatoes
  • Spice up mayonnaise, homemade yogurt or labneh
  • Ramen and noodle dishes
  • Eggs

Don't go overboard when you're just starting out. Start off by adding ½ teaspoon to dishes to get a feel for the spice and gauge how strong you like it.

homemade garam masala

homemade garam masala spice blend

homemade garam masala recipe



Homemade garam masala

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