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Mini lemon cheesecake

Made from scratch and easy.

Creamy, bright, citrusy, and just enough sweet, these best blender mini lemon cheesecakes are the perfect, any time of year dessert. If you’re afraid of making cheesecake from scratch have no fear, with just a few simple ingredients, the Vibe Blender System, and our tips below, this recipe is hard to mess up!

mini lemon cheesecakes


Crushing biscuits: The Vibe Blender makes biscuit crumbs in seconds. Before you begin, make sure the blender jug is completely dry. The blades do the job best when not overloaded, so work in two batches. If biscuit crumb clumps under the blades, use a blunt butter knife to poke it out.

Cream cheese: If you are going to have cheesecake, you want it to be decadently creamy. Choose full fat cream cheese (no reduced fat versions cut it) or even better, make your own by dripping homemade yogurt overnight. Learn how here.

Room temperature: If using store bought cream cheese, leave it out on the bench until it’s properly soft. This will make blending it easier and quicker.

Do not over blend: Add the cheesecake ingredients into the jug in the order listed and blend on a low speed. Cheesecake mixture is delicate and must not become too aerated otherwise it may sink or crack in the oven. It’s also very important not to over mix. Just blend until smooth and creamy and well incorporated.

Cool in the oven: The most important thing you can do to prevent the mini cheesecakes from cracking is to leave them in the oven to cool slightly once baked. We recommend at least 30 mins to an hour with the door slightly ajar. Then let them cool to room temperature before removing them from the moulds.

Garnish: Top with swirls of whipped cream and sprinkle with lemon zest. For extra tang consider whipping homemade cultured cream. For a sweet contrast top with fresh berries.

Make ahead: Cheesecakes taste best chilled so a day (or 2) in the fridge only makes them better.

mini lemon cheesecakes

MAKES 12  

mini lemon cheesecakes

mini lemon cheesecake



mini lemon cheesecakes

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