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How to chop vegetables in the Vibe Blender

Save time and energy with meal prep! 

In our ever-increasing press to save time and money, it’s great to discover an appliance that does the job of multiple kitchen appliances. You may have learnt that the Vibe can push the boundaries of blending and make bread, nut butters, nut milk and even mill whole grains into flour, but did you know it could chop? In fact, the Vibe Blender System is a great alternative to a food processor. With the right setting and technique, you can shred, mince, and even finely dice vegetables. You won’t get the perfect cuttings you’d expect to get using a knife but it sure does the job and it does it fast.

If you consider yourself a lazy chef who will do anything to avoid tedious knife chopping than this technique is a no-brainer with select dishes. The method is best suited to soups, stews, casseroles, sauces, and salsa where the overall consistency of the chop is not as important. The Vibe blender cannot function all types of chopping though. If you want your veggies to be cut in strips or cubes, the blender is not your tool.   

How to chop vegetables in the Vibe Blender

How to chop vegetables in the Vibe Blender

Trouble shooting

1.   Sometimes the blades flick a vegetable to the wall of the jug, or under the blades without shredding it. You can hear if this happens. You can stop the blender and remove the piece or continue on without any trouble.
2.   When you turn out the shredded vegetables, there may be some larger pieces that missed the blades. You can run them through a second time, cut them by hand or just leave them as is. If the final product is a soup than the size will not matter.

3.   If you are preparing bulk vegetables, work in batches. By listening closely to the sound of the blades you will know when to empty the jug.
4.   Vegetables with a high-water content, such as cucumber, tomato and celery become quite sloppy with this technique.
5.   Experiment chopping a variety of vegetables - with practise you will master the technique.

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How to chop vegetables in the Vibe Blender

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